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Pterus’ first school dance was pretty rough, even if everypony was trying to be welcoming, perhaps a little overzealous about their boy’s first dance. Except Eventide. She likes to give her big bro some grief once in a while as most little siblings do.
safe1676928 artist:silfoe1550 princess cadance32266 princess celestia93831 princess luna97970 spike77847 twilight sparkle296756 oc666242 oc:eventide glisten63 oc:pterus113 oc:twilight dapple37 alicorn218800 dragon54499 pony939631 other royal book191 royal sketchbook611 adopted offspring1057 alicorn oc25687 black and white12586 camera3888 dialogue63871 female1336826 filly64803 grayscale37357 lesbian95024 magical lesbian spawn11636 male362813 mare466742 monochrome147870 offspring37776 older25897 parent:princess luna2216 parent:twilight sparkle8088 parents:twiluna318 shipping196342 simple background383765 speech bubble22514 stallion104890 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122154 twiluna1494 white background95180


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Background Pony #C2E0
Eventide is the younger sibling. We are all obligated to give our older siblings grief, it's a law!

TwiLuna - the MasterShip
Well, he is royalty so she should be happy.
Actually Pterus is adopted, so he is more like a royal bastard without much royal rights.
Spiritus Arcane
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At least any colts dating the girls technically don't have to put up with an overprotective father, though between Luna and Twi I'm sure they'll have that covered too…
Background Pony #CA03
"Except Eventide. She likes to give her big bro some grief once in a while as most little siblings do."

Or perhaps she's interested in him herself, eh? After all, he's adopted, soooo….
Lol, that moment when you accidentally start shipping someone's oc's…