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safe1640368 artist:davierocket192 artist:wingedwolf940 lyra heartstrings28741 octavia melody23217 earth pony224443 pony905907 unicorn295861 adventure in the comments1269 animated95316 blushing186628 boop7072 boop thread0 bowtie9430 clothes436050 cute189799 eye contact6303 eyes closed86330 female1305996 floppy ears48947 frame by frame3873 gif29377 grin35624 lesbian93120 looking at each other18355 lyrabetes1285 mare450224 octyra60 scrunchy face6931 shipping191698 simple background371174 smiling230493 socks62259 squee1946 striped socks20567 tavibetes639 walls of comments14