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Artist’s Description
Even for the rulers of the realm, the adoption process still took a few months. After all, they wanted to ensure it was all done properly and by the book. All three ponies were happy and relieved when all the paperwork was completed and they were finally a family.
safe1878365 artist:silfoe1564 princess luna105648 twilight sparkle322004 oc786529 oc:pterus113 alicorn256584 bat pony59159 pony1224181 other royal book191 royal sketchbook613 adopted offspring1183 adoption228 black and white14506 cute222736 dialogue74584 female1516158 grayscale41879 lesbian104409 lunabetes3844 mama twilight1115 maternaluna124 monochrome158992 ocbetes6848 parent:princess luna2738 parent:twilight sparkle9445 parents:twiluna372 shipping219982 silfoe is trying to murder us81 simple background462998 sketch69354 speech bubble28251 twiabetes13184 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133515 twiluna1594 white background117631


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Seeing this brings joy to my aching heart, tomorrow is going to be a very rough day for me emotionally. Four years to the day, I lost a loved one whom I had known for a majority of my life. This and more adorable scenes with little Pterus warm my broken heart.
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
Oh my God, all the bedtime stories you could ever ask for <3 . And you’re in luck, you’ve got a bedtime Mommy to tell you the best of the best that she’s ever heard over the course of her long, long lifetime. I’m more than sure she’s got a few epic tales stocked in reserve for ya.
Dear Lord, this is so cute that I think I’m feeling physical pain.