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suggestive145564 artist:bobthedalek946 starlight glimmer49228 sunburst6893 twilight sparkle303241 alicorn228677 pegasus300381 pony988231 unicorn332739 the times they are a changeling932 accessory swap1714 armor24101 bed41628 blaze (coat marking)1427 caught3411 cloak4382 clothes467563 coat markings4945 comic110322 crystal guard237 crystal guard armor348 facial markings1966 female1382250 glasses63160 implied sex6098 male380543 shipping202997 socks (coat markings)2847 starburst1256 starlight wearing sunburst's robe23 straight138443 sunburst's cloak509 sunburst's glasses433 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124959


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Background Pony #07D7
Starlight: say one word to your friends of what you see and i will destroy your balls, Got?
Guard:..Yes ma,am!
Background Pony #A958
Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned the importance of always locking your door. That may not really count as a "friendship" lesson, but it's a lesson that I wish I had learned earlier. By God, do I wish I had learned it earlier.