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safe1616732 artist:jonerico9 crystal hoof110 spike75783 thorax4075 changeling42999 the times they are a changeling888 behaving like pinkie pie113 comic103392 disguise4282 disguised changeling2407 drinking problem13 frown21841 gravity falls1298 grin34673 hoof hold7645 nailed it72 nose in the air1096 open mouth130022 parody15342 smiling224739 sock opera6 soda1465 wat18647 wide eyes16364 you're doing it wrong122


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Guards show up and start staring at Crystal Hoof.
Spike:"This isn't what it looks like."
Guard:"We know exactly this is. It seems what we have here is…" dramatic pause. "A NEW PLEDGE!!!"
Guards start cheering and yelling chug chug chug.