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Ok Ik some ponies from the show ((Cause Im stuck watching it sometimes o-o….thnx to my little cousin >3>)But I hate blue blood sooo damn much 3 but I love Octavia <3 I was stuck on what to draw so I made these 2 a couple? ((I don't really ship this but it'll do XD))I see Blue Blood as a huge prick and doesn't care about his wife infact they hate each other but their parents made them get married ((Arranged marriage)) Blue and Octavia do hate one another to the bitter core but they had a baby and that is the one thing that they love together The filly is the only thing I own ((I'll draw her and make her Bio soon


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Bluetavia isn't an unknown thing, though still crack shipping. They're both classy ponies, or so Octavia was generally characterized since S1. She's probably the only (or first on a short list) Earth Pony we have whose lifestyle wouldn't clash with his or vice versa. A musician marrying into high society is pretty normal.