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(comic, foalcon/loli, Futa, anal, tentacles, prolapse, ugh… ew)


explicit327317 grimdark29467 artist:sugarlesspaints1581 princess flurry heart6644 queen chrysalis33388 anthro240306 plantigrade anthro29009 abdominal bulge5472 abuse6604 an egg being attacked by sperm1759 anal25486 ass44754 barefoot25653 bedroom eyes54838 blushing182629 breasts254373 cervix1488 clitoral stimulation755 clitoris24944 clothes426187 comic103356 creampie28005 crying41043 cum74318 cum inflation3344 cumming20126 duo52872 egg cell1674 eyes closed84121 feet36649 female1286489 femsub9774 flared2859 floppy ears47844 flurrysub8 foalcon17326 futa42549 futa on female10893 futa queen chrysalis1158 futadom1302 gaping3139 gaping vagina1055 glazed dick2437 grin34640 gritted teeth10861 hair1490 horn52151 horsecock62682 impregnation2684 intersex40596 kicking1937 moaning4933 nipples151629 nudity343824 open mouth129929 penetration52391 penis142033 pregnant12574 rape7837 sex111417 sex noises728 smiling224609 spermatozoon1687 spread pussy3389 submissive14928 tentacle porn7471 tentacles11109 tentacles on female4090 tongue out95064 vagina46856 vaginal36118 vaginal secretions37544 vulva117240 wings87856


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15 comments posted
Background Pony #4283
Actually, blood is always red, whether or not it's oxidizes. I'm sure you gotten several replies telling you roughly this same thing, but I never mind beating a dead horse, ever.
Background Pony #E721
"Your mommy and daddy turned me down, but now thanks to you I can have them both at once." Chrysalis
Background Pony #8815
Camouflage, the cum itself changelings make is white, but the only active sperm cells are black, but since they're much fewer in number they don change the color, but unlike regular ones, these are much better swimmers and always make their mark.

Now just imagine the faces of her parents when they see her.
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Young Leosword
Why is blood not red until it oxidizes? I'll be honest, I'm not proficient enough in science to know whether cum is white because sperm are white. XD
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Young Leosword
I'm tempted to think of another damn Aliens reference, but this time, Futa Chrys's sperm reminds me more of something from Resident Evil or Dio's flesh buds. >w<