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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

Oh, and it's a request by Ajksob, who provided me with the perfect troll criminal pony OC to be punished in the most extremely creative way possible!!

Just because one troll is eliminated doesn't mean it will discourage many others to try again!

How would you upgrade Applejack's apple orchard security defense systems? Post your ideas in the comments below!


Troll thief: Instant by Ajksob

Aerial Vehicle: Mosquito Air Helicopter

Anti-Magic Music Box: Based on the Overseer Music Box from Dishonored
(For more info on the music box, click here)

Oh, and thanks to pheeph for sharing me his stash of OMQ comics to parody

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semi-grimdark30376 artist:meiyeezhu332 applejack173235 oc711621 oc:instant1 human158907 air53 angry28056 anime5678 anti-aircraft gun10 apple16743 applejack is not amused771 applejack's hat8395 autogyro6 barn3298 booby trap30 brick177 brick wall521 bricks114 cartoon violence74 clothes475759 comic111450 construction60 cowboy hat17138 crime92 criminal84 death5480 debris136 defending98 defense17 digging133 dirt796 dishonored49 drum magazine28 explosion2216 explosives303 fence2987 firing65 flying39397 food72949 frustrated574 funny4229 furious365 fury54 garden691 genius45 gun16333 hammer1768 hat90299 helicopter524 helmet11196 hilarious128 hole434 hooks33 horned humanization6895 humanized101901 kaboom22 levitation12554 machine gun508 magic75363 mg348 music box185 old master q499 orchard382 parody15783 persistent6 property damage281 punk2314 rapid fire4 reference3946 roller barrier1 roof191 rope11847 scenery8226 sharp teeth3967 shirt26159 shooting521 shovel1009 shrug1442 stealing366 sweet apple acres3063 telekinesis28708 thief360 tree33503 troll604 turret208 upset1236 wall784 weapon31413 window8914


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