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safe (1413255)artist:higgly-chan (320)crystal hoof (110)thorax (3486)oc (517914)oc only (360201)the times they are a changeling (849)changeling (31715)cute (145371)cuteling (481)dialogue (49639)disguise (3055)disguised changeling (1747)drawing (3323)fangs (17315)holding (1852)hoof hold (5816)male (253145)open mouth (102455)paper (2538)ponysona (2282)simple background (286495)smiling (180276)solo (866871)speech bubble (16223)thorabetes (200)white background (70930)


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Mason Mouse
One of the rare times I actually LOL’ed at something. Good work.

Ok, technically I snorted but saying I SOL’ed at something goes off on a completely different tangent.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Assuming he copied the appearance of an existing pony, a certain colt is going to be suddenly popular for a while with an unfamiliar nickname and he’ll have no idea what’s going on.
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Comments39 comments posted