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It is my pleasure to give this to y’all first…behold my commission from lonelycross. He’s gonna make a tumblr post soon.
explicit370693 semi-grimdark30993 artist:lonelycross486 pinkie pie223194 anthro276689 bdsm7579 bedroom eyes63175 boots23675 breastless clothes556 breasts297414 choker13714 clothes489533 commission76712 corset4580 dark background1017 dominatrix2426 evening gloves8895 female1435638 female focus6875 femdom8594 garter belt3896 gloves21706 horsecock74218 kinkamena218 kinkie pie350 latex13132 latex boots674 latex corset67 latex gloves1691 leash8307 leather straps151 licking21385 licking lips4532 male400344 male pov7770 malesub5366 nipples180985 nudity392281 offscreen character37057 panties52319 partial nudity22102 penis163672 pinkamena diane pie19667 pov14930 solo focus18132 spiked choker1852 straight143589 submissive17790 submissive pov1039 thigh boots1663 tongue out111739 topless14483 underwear63753 viewer on leash256


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