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safe1617554 artist:shoutingisfun596 fluttershy203202 oc628473 oc:anon11203 human146652 pegasus257972 pony885234 alas poor yorick16 duo52966 female1287628 fluttershy is not amused319 hamlet72 impending doom201 limited palette1527 male344484 mare440155 opinion311 shakespeare120 speech bubble21237 squishy cheeks2184 unamused14667


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48 comments posted
Background Pony #04D5
This doesn't look like something one does with a 3/10.
(Just a warning, the image that link leads to is explicit.)
Posted Report

Good riddance
A genuine 6/10 at this point? Ha, don't make me laugh. She's had the most development out of the entire cast aside Twilight. At the very least, she would get an 8.9. She still has a ways to go, but her progress has been extravagant, realistic, and the most noticeable right off the bat. I truly fail to see that in most of the main cast aside Rarity a tad, too.
Mr. YumYum

@Background Pony #92DF
Yeah, it kinda seems like that throughout this fan series. Anon seems to be a bit more tsundere than childish in that one, but they're kinda the same in some ways. I have a bit of a love/hate opinion on that kind of character. There are certainly good ways to make a tsundere character likable despite their negative traits….and then there's this.