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safe1617550 artist:miradge88 apple bloom47536 scootaloo49670 sweetie belle47326 earth pony216638 pegasus257970 pony885229 unicorn286000 couch7425 cutie mark crusaders18361 fainting couch882 female1287622 filly61726 flag3553 hang gliding46 in the distance38 scenery7532 vertigo239 waterfall1583


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Mustard Seed Faith
Image Tagged as: Safe

Out of context, what do you think? Then again they're the CMCs, they've fallen through trees and whatever else. Meh, They're cartoon talking Ponies — they'll be fine too, writing willing.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Almost forgot about this image. Never realised sweetie was using it to make a waterfall. Rarity must be wasting her talents.

Rarity.could learn so much from sweetie.