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Midday Shine

Protect Celestia!
@Dirty Bit
If it makes you feel any better, it took me some time to notice it as well — and then some more to believe it. I mean, why would a woman as tall as she even need high heels? Especially on hiking boots?

Seriously, I guess she's in a full "girly girl" mode. :P
Midday Shine

Protect Celestia!
About seatbelts… they're actually quite common in newer buses (especially the long-distance ones) in Europe. How is it in USA?
Delta Brony
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Cruisin' on down Main Street
You're relaxed and feelin' good
Next thing that you know you're seein'
Octopus in the neighborhood!

Surfin' on a sound wave
Swingin' through the stars
Take a left at your intestine
Take your second right past Mars.

You know the rest…