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safe1692430 artist:maggwai52 derpy hooves49937 princess celestia94432 alicorn221623 pegasus286454 pony954497 cute197767 derpabetes2636 featured image867 feels1563 female1350288 floppy ears51629 holes219 mare474078 plinth30 rain6037 rearing5635 sad24350 sadorable874 sitting62467 solo1054774 spread wings53945 statue2307 tattered95 umbrella2614 underp692 wet7948 wet mane5150


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Background Pony #3438
@Background Pony #6AE3
Alicorn appears to be wearing a sh irt if your look carefully at the nearer fore-leg and how near the hip? Very curious. Could be Faust, but even she is usually shown with only metal regalia rather than clothing per se.
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