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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
Oh, and it’s a request by StarVagrant, who wanted to feature his OC Frost D Tart in my parodies
full You have learn the secret ways of true baking no jitsu, Xuesheng*  
*‘student’ in Cantonese
full When the time comes, your ultimate test will be to beat my Canterlot High School Record ofBEST CAKE BAKED IN THE FRIENDSHIP GAMES”  
fulland I’ll shall pass on the legacy of Sugarcube Corner to you by having you marry Pumpkin Cake once she reaches legal age–!  
full PINKIE!!!! What did I tell you about not shipping OC characters with canon characters??!!!  
Family decision on passing the next generation of the kin is only for the CAKE’S business, NOT YOURS!!  
full Way to ruin the mood, you party s**tter!!
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safe1880405 artist:meiyeezhu333 apple bloom54531 oc787628 oc:frost d. tart277 human181670 baked goods20 baker58 bakery155 baking726 baking powder20 cabinet224 cake10858 clothes525838 comic118611 cup7197 curtains2950 dark skin7013 flour348 food81161 funny4584 hair bow18996 hilarious131 humanized106341 humanized ponified human152 illogical16 impossible39 ingredients12 kitchen2134 lid18 look-alike83 measuring cup47 milk5542 milk bottle144 mittens517 mixing38 mixture1 old master q505 oven407 oven mitts227 overalls1971 pans14 pants17356 parody16276 plate2135 pot582 shelf587 shirt29744 shocked8202 sink568 smiling302959 stirring61 sugarcube corner2677 surprised10516 window10222


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