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Commissions by Cornelia_Nelson!

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"This was a small clean up of the 4 hit kick combo that Rainbow Dash uses in Doors 2. This is not perfect as the model breaks in several places, in certain angles. I would suggest using the enhanced models as the model does not break as bad from the older models. Also, I made a continuous motion for them as well. Anyways I hope you enjoy! =)."

Time Spent: 5 hours (cleaning up mostly)
Based off: 5 second, Starting at 1 second

Continuous motion
Based off: 3.5 seconds, Starting at 1 second

4 hit kick Combo Rainbow Dash…

There are several files inside the package

Rainbow Dash: —— AppleJack, Pinkie Pie
Rarity: —— Fluttershy
Twilight —— Twilight

+ No Root Transform moved
+ Pelvis Stable
- Breaking model in several places
- Some clipping in few places

SSBB Solid Snake 4 hit kick combo
Fighting is Magic

poninnahka Pony Models
juicedane Enchanced Pony Models
beardeddoomguy Nightmare Moon, King Sombra
aeridiccore Discord Overhaul
hiteskypony Queen Chrysalis


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Background Pony #ACBF
Everypony was kung fu fighting!
Those kicks were fast as lightning!
In fact, it was a little bit frightening!
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Can't we all get along?
"Hey Twilight, can you give us a quick run-down of the first three seasons?"
(this image)
"OK thanks."