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Size: 1054x1600 | Tagged: safe, artist:brendahickey, apple bloom, scootaloo, sweetie belle, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, idw, ponyville mysteries, spoiler:comic, spoiler:comicponyvillemysteries1, bubble, bubble pipe, clothes, cover, cutie mark crusaders, deerstalker, detective, facial hair, female, filly, hat, magic, magnifying glass, moustache, pipe, ribbon, sherlock holmes
Size: 250x249 | Tagged: safe, pinkie pie, ask, avatar, deerstalker, detective, female, grayscale, hat, icon, magnifying glass, monochrome, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sherlock pie, solo, tumblr
Size: 7998x4798 | Tagged: safe, artist:corsairsedge, pinkie pie, rarity, twilight sparkle, alicorn, earth pony, pony, unicorn, mmmystery on the friendship express, rarity investigates, absurd resolution, bubble pipe, deerstalker, detective, female, hat, magnifying glass, mare, pipe, sherlock holmes, sherlock pie, twilight sparkle (alicorn)
Size: 1636x1611 | Tagged: safe, artist:egophiliac, oc, oc only, oc:dusk rhine, oc:racket rhine, bat pony, pony, brothers, clothes, cute, detective, eating, food, glasses, hat, hoofprints, magnifying glass, male, orange, siblings, simple background, transparent background
Size: 1024x1994 | Tagged: safe, artist:pepooni, oc, oc only, oc:blank canvas, oc:mane event, bronycon, bronycon 2015, banana, bronycon mascots, clothes, cute, deerstalker, detective, fake moustache, hat, hoof hold, magnifying glass, moustache, raised eyebrow, sherlock holmes, silly, smiling, smirk, top hat, wink
Size: 1024x1945 | Tagged: safe, artist:steampunksalutation, artist:xebck, rarity, equestria girls, deerstalker, detective, detective rarity, female, hat, magnifying glass, pipe, sherlock holmes, solo
Size: 2872x3464 | Tagged: safe, artist:dawnfire, princess luna, alicorn, pony, clothes, cosplay, costume, deerstalker, detective, female, hat, magnifying glass, mare, photo, pipe, sherlock holmes, sketch, sketches from a hat, solo, traditional art
Size: 500x779 | Tagged: safe, artist:solar-slash, pinkie pie, ask pinkie pie solutions, ask, deerstalker, detective, female, glasses, hat, magnifying glass, pipe, sherlock holmes, sherlock pie, solo, tumblr
Size: 1190x970 | Tagged: safe, artist:risike, pinkie pie, bubble pipe, deerstalker, detective, female, hat, magnifying glass, pipe, sherlock holmes, sherlock pie, solo
Size: 2598x3107 | Tagged: safe, artist:wooden-willow, oc, oc:aurryhollows, pony, bubble, bubble pipe, deerstalker, detective, detective pikachu, hat, magnifying glass, solo
Size: 1300x1000 | Tagged: safe, artist:redquoz, oc, earth pony, unicorn, beret, clothes, colt, confused, deerstalker, detective, drawpile, earth pony oc, easel, extreme perspective, film camera, flop, food, galloping, happy, hat, hooves, horn, ice cream, magnifying glass, male, monocle, posh, sketch, sketch dump, spats, stallion, suit, unicorn oc
Size: 2000x2000 | Tagged: safe, artist:7nights, pinkie pie, twilight sparkle, bowler hat, bubble pipe, deerstalker, detective, hat, high res, humanized, magnifying glass, pipe, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sherlock sparkle, watson
Size: 893x563 | Tagged: safe, edit, pinkie pie, pony, derpibooru, 404, deerstalker, detective, firefox, hat, magnifying glass, meta, sherlock pie