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Fluttershy was sick and tired of her pet bunny “Angel” always mistreating her from time to time and being an overall jerk sometimes. She decided she had enough of his stubborn behavior and needed to find a way she felt would do her justice in teaching him some manners.
She figured that perhaps Rarity could give her some advice about how to teach and influence proper behavior. This time however, Rarity had some rather curious advise.
Rarity: Now Fluttershy dear, I think with the problem you have with Angel is that you’ve spoiled him. As a result, he will act out or become picky. You need to put your hoof down and assert some dominance rather than letting him trot all over you!
Fluttershy: Oh, I don’t know… I don’t want to be mean or anything…
Rarity: Fluttershy. Listen. I’ve seen his behavior. He’s grown a bit of pride. That pride of his makes him feel entitled or even above you to some degrees. You need to break that pride of his!
Fluttershy: That sounds a little extreme doesn’t it?
Rarity: Desperate measures, dear. Now. I don’t often offer this kind of advise but what you need to do is humiliate him. Nothing terrible. Just something that will make him learn to appreciate his proper place in your home. So here. Take this!
Fluttershy: Lipstick? Rarity, I don’t wear makeup…
Rarity: Make this an exception. Just leave as may kisses as you can muster onto him. He isn’t that big so it won’t take much. Then, take him for a walk on a leash around Ponyville in midday. His pride will be done for then.
Fluttershy: I don’t completely understand… but if it will help… I’ll try it your way. Thanks.
Rarity: Anytime dear!
Fluttershy went straight home to try out Rarity’s advise.
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Background Pony #C0CB
Not entirely sure how humiliating that would actually be, tbh. Seems like Angel gets to pridefully show off that he got laid, really.
Background Pony #EE65
Looks like someone missed the Fluttershy tag and making me miss this sweet Fluttershy booty.