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Commission for Dcencia Basically Spike chillin’ with some of our mares at the spa, specifically the steam room where he receives some smooches what more is there than that anywhooooo Dcencia hope you like it bud
safe1769233 artist:oinktweetstudios151 spike81108 starlight glimmer50180 trixie69180 dragon59642 pony1029125 unicorn350256 coal159 cute207933 cutie mark50566 diatrixes3238 female1418017 glimmerbetes3924 kiss mark1173 kissing25639 lipstick11845 male393887 mare510694 polyamory6948 ponyville spa205 sauna494 shipping207566 spa1293 sparlixie31 spikabetes2112 spike gets all the mares779 spikelove1182 steam1998 straight141663 towel3881 trio9985


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