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Commission for Dcencia Basically Spike chillin' with some of our mares at the spa, specifically the steam room where he receives some smooches what more is there than that anywhooooo Dcencia hope you like it bud
safe1707119 artist:oinktweetstudios149 spike78803 starlight glimmer48670 trixie67506 pony968233 unicorn323664 bisexual5534 coal152 cute199895 cutie mark47739 diatrixes3118 female1363722 glimmerbetes3834 kiss mark1113 kissing24658 lesbian97022 lipstick11149 male372921 mare480944 ponyville spa190 sauna477 shipping200320 spa1264 sparlight604 sparlixie30 spikabetes2024 spike gets all the mares762 spikelove1166 spixie248 startrix2929 steam1886 straight136437 towel3686


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