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Chronic Daring Do addiction affects 1 in 10 Equestrian families.
>>1212877 suggested a headcanon so I made a sketch out of it.
safe1787341 artist:vree12 quibble pants1561 rainbow dash241896 scootaloo52452 stranger than fan fiction1061 comic113637 cute210310 eyes closed101781 frown24385 glare8357 jossed121 looking back62424 missing cutie mark4927 open mouth161927 raised hoof50333 scootaloo's parents86 scooter1304 shocked7478 smiling273301 smirk13546 spread wings59446 trotting1490 underhoof55318 wide eyes17676


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☀Welcome Princess Celest
I like this idea.  
Would like to see scoots reaction scoots dad friends with Rainbow Dash!!!  
I think if she wasn’t already a kind of adopted sister of dashes that she would have a fangirl meltdown.