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safe1639100 artist:brisineo328 princess celestia92303 princess luna96520 oc642877 oc:calamity683 oc:littlepip3970 oc:pyrelight110 oc:steelhooves251 oc:velvet remedy1055 balefire phoenix118 earth pony224024 pegasus265978 phoenix1726 pony904866 unicorn295368 fallout equestria16180 fallout equestria: the line20 applejack's rangers103 armor22703 battle saddle317 canterlot5451 celestia's monument2 clothes435519 cognitive dissonance4 cowboy hat14381 dashite466 do you feel like a hero yet?24 fanfic10296 fanfic art13694 female1304917 fluttershy medical saddlebag195 gun15362 hat81765 hooves17176 horn55769 loading screen189 male351064 mare449644 medical saddlebag239 mural86 pink cloud (fo:e)114 pipbuck3389 power armor1150 rifle3596 ruins1170 saddle bag5510 scenery7641 spec ops: the line45 stallion100633 statue2227 steel ranger304 text55047 vault suit3319 wasteland1204 weapon29040 wings92995


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Background Pony #F7A2
If Rainbow Dash were still alive today, she'd probably suffer from PTSD. In a way, she's the lucky one.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

No, double think is when you believe two contradictory ideas WITHOUT cognitive dissonance, which is usually only possible if you don’t realize they are contradictory in the first place
Background Pony #6644
The Equestrian Guard does not condone the killing of unarmed combatants. But this isn't real, so why should you care?
Background Pony #CD8D
I still see the spire in the middle as being Celestia's neck rather than her horn.