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The Dark Night Of The Soul, The Essence of Glory, The Uniting Intelligence, Peace And War, Moon And Camel, The Princess Of The Silver Star: This is Trixie. She is the High Priestess.


Because Trixie knows things you do not know.

Hidden in Trixie's scrolls are the secrets The Foal requires to continue on her journey to The World, with the pillars of Boaz and Jachin blocking the way, and the truth of the world beyond hidden by a curtain of Pomegranates, a reminder that Death awaits any foolish enough to undertake the Hero's Journey and follow it to its end.

Upright Trixie is the blunt realization of the subconscious; the knowledge of all that we are capable of in a blink of an eye, veiled in thick swirling moods and emotions, dancing like a conjurer's lights as they work their magic on the stage. Only by withdrawing into ourselves, retreating from the world into solitude, can we truly experience the mysteries of who we are. The hint of an unrevealed future is always present, and only through discretion, modesty, prudence, and peaceful patience can we truly achieve our goals.

Reversed and we are out of touch with our true selves, but perhaps we are more comfortable; cut off from our true destinies we can avoid the dark currents of our subconscious, and come out of our shell; holding back nothing; throwing every strand of caution to the wind as we reach for the unachievable flash and thrill of the perfect trick. Whether we appear to others as a wallflower or as wonton, it matters not as we seethe with dissatisfaction in our own lot in life; no matter how much it may be our own doing, and we can appear overly formal or withdrawn — but even as we break the bounds of conformity and refuse to be anyone's door mat we suddenly become the laughing stock again. Lacking companions, betrayed by those we thought our friends and fans, we become isolated and disappear until, resolutely "on our own", we rise again. Inspirer, mirror, mediator, we lose track of our own identity, and become distracted from our destiny by the complexity of interpersonal interactions.

As with the other cards in my deck, I'm really looking for ponies who satisfy both the upright and the reversed aspects of cards, and I really feel like Trixie is, perfectly and without a doubt, my High Priestess.
safe1556363 artist:ciaran94 derpibooru exclusive23832 trixie61200 pony827504 unicorn257991 curtains1554 food59414 lineart18750 looking at you140712 monochrome146388 pomegranate17 scroll3109 smiling210081 solo959989 stage2642 tarot card500 tarot:once upon a time20 trixie's hat4012


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Background Pony #2305
"She said she was a magic mama
And she could throw a mean tarot
And carried on without a comma
That she was someone I should know…"