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Rarity is my Mare of Pence, the analog for the Queen of Pence or Earth, who patiently weaves the stuff of reality from the eroded threads of the Emperor's gown. I might eventually make this suit the "Bits", but for now Pence is where I ended up. In a reading, this card is sensual and earthy, the world gravid with the full potential of the bounty of life. A lover of luxury, this card is quick to share it's wealth. The quintessential Martha Stewart card, she is the very best at gracious living and material well being, filled with a pragmatic awareness of the cost of things, and the best use for every resource. Reversed, and she despises the rank and rot of the country side, and loathes nurturing others at her own expense. She squanders her resources, hoards trash, and feels that her efforts are never good enough. Her critical eye turns on herself, and nothing she does will ever amount to anything of value; her ever effort wasted on trying to achieve a perfection that she will never accept is possible or true, and her normal generosity becomes selfish possessiveness, transforming everything in her world into expressions of her own personal petty desires and designs — regardless of the damage it may cause for others.

So much Rarity.


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