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“Sunset: I’d rather work by my hoof than to read those boring books…Zzz…  
I keep forgetting to update here.  
I have actually finished “Waiting” ~  
The next update will have a clear hint on who that lucky pony is~
I am ready to go to England tomorrow for the exchange study tour  
I hope I could find some bronies in that university will not be on for the next two weeks!”
Part 1: >>1152886  
Part 2: >>1185170  
Part 3: You are here  
Part 4: >>1218882  
Part 5: >>1219418
safe1860683 artist:aka-ryuga58 sunset shimmer68837 pony1204898 unicorn393555 :t4067 animated106412 book36872 bored1559 cute220200 eyes closed109011 facebooking61 female1500414 floppy ears59200 frown25959 glare8490 hoof hold9665 levitation13404 lidded eyes35225 magic80729 mare556618 on back27409 open mouth175886 prone28454 reading6843 rubbing1238 shimmerbetes4690 sitting71893 sleeping25251 solo1182211 telekinesis31362 tired3475 unamused18471 wavy mouth4313 yawn1509


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