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Remake of:

Made to test the Button’s Mom overhaul I did. I cut this render as the DL icon, since it was a blurry, bloomy mess. Downvote if you want.
safe (1462237)artist:fillerartist (228)button mash (3585)oc (542056)oc:cream heart (1868)3d (53271)bloom (75)blurry (505)buttoncest (293)imminent incest (205)imminent rape (1485)imminent sex (4422)implied incest (1302)implied rape (1159)incest (11375)mother and son (2237)mutton bash (26)rapeface (1078)remake (374)scared (8182)shipping (168893)source filmmaker (31863)worried (2948)

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(Previously known as CBine1994)

Its funny how back in 2013, the existing Button Mash and Mom models I thought where very awesome dispite being kinda basic but now we have these new detailed models that actually do look like 3D versions of the original 2D Characters:P (Even the expressions look alot better)
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