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Fucked senseless.
Wonderbolt training is rough, yo.

explicit454019 artist:captainpudgemuffin674 rainbow dash272888 soarin'16516 spitfire15437 pegasus471606 anthro346097 plantigrade anthro48365 g41930791 afterglow1970 aftersex11928 ahegao32664 armpits46343 ass79489 barefoot34435 bedroom eyes79214 belly button105634 big breasts120030 blushing261728 breasts376254 breath2636 busty rainbow dash10882 butt219232 chest fluff61818 clitoris39358 complete nudity7078 creampie42931 cum101455 cum inside rainbow dash775 cum on body3821 cum on breasts3658 curvy9253 feet52710 female1739993 fucked senseless207 hourglass figure2716 implied soarin'132 implied soarindash119 implied spitfire88 implied straight6337 initiation13 leaking cum1994 leg twitch279 legs11366 lidded eyes45205 looking at you246410 looking pleasured2846 mind break1707 nipples232944 nudity493016 offscreen character49557 open mouth225425 panting3715 piledriver568 pink nipples1196 quiver225 rainbow slut174 rainbutt dash6147 shipping245951 shivering2491 solo1382158 solo female225319 spread wings88484 straight172416 sweat38512 thighs26369 this will end in pregnancy2429 tongue out141503 twitch318 twitching370 upside down7138 vulva180817 wingboner9484 wonderslut15


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*Rainbow Dash*
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@Background Pony #B8D3  
LOL! Dash not wanting to pass off her ‘‘awesome’’ genes to future generations is hilarious! Dash would ensure she had foals that were 20% cooler than any others and that they would be the only ponies to break her records! (and to ensure that be the case she’d want strong dominant fellow pegasi genes)  
also stop the lame trolling…
Background Pony #2B68
This was always one of my favorite pudgemuffin pics. The thought of Dash getting so utterly wrecked, of Soarin continuing to pound away at her long after she’s reached her limit is just mmmmf~
Background Pony #0B82
I don’t know about intimacy. I don’t pair them in some sort of relationship. There ain’t gonna be any romancing.
Damn! How dare you not sacrifice your personal tastes for us incessant Soarindash shippers! I kid of course. Despite the lack of that said romance, a comic of that nature still sounds fantastic and I concur it should become a thing if you choose to do so. Good luck!

@Cpt Pudge Muffin
It may just be the writer in me speaking but that’s definitely the best way to do it. Giving it some feeling/story instead of having it be straight porn.
But of course, as you say, that takes much longer to do through art.