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explicit411183 semi-grimdark33150 artist:flamelonewolf98 princess cadance36412 shining armor25655 oc824426 oc:asha103 oc:igna14 oc:niah18 alicorn270089 pony1298057 unicorn434988 zebra20747 anthro310441 plantigrade anthro42147 :p11918 anal piercing106 anus116871 armpits45008 ass66488 ballgag8239 balls93805 bandana6204 barefoot32211 bedroom eyes71267 belly button94194 big breasts104283 blushing235122 bondage40367 breasts336466 breeding1396 busty princess cadance3828 butt171729 chains6005 clit piercing733 clitoris34099 crying49842 cuckolding978 cuckquean362 dark genitals13933 dialogue78742 dildo16206 dildo sitting2026 dock60876 domination2476 dubious consent1737 ear piercing34812 earring26710 erection20536 feet48022 female1581239 female on male2258 femdom9320 flared3684 gag17300 genital piercing2009 grin51675 hair over one eye10994 heart59898 horn ring6677 horsecock84686 imminent orgasm544 imminent sex8872 implied impregnation481 insertion20654 interspecies27169 jewelry88900 kneeling10892 lesbian107698 looking at you212809 looking back72603 magic suppression4541 male451393 necklace25298 nipple piercing6859 nipple ring308 nipples206998 nudity445341 offscreen character43006 one eye closed39170 penis184584 piercing52381 ponut54164 precum13074 presenting29212 princess cuckdance113 pubic hair9050 raised tail20618 rhyme250 ring5052 sex146359 sex toy29903 shackles2191 shiningabuse30 shiningsub490 sideboob12469 smiling324126 speech bubble31071 spread pussy4508 straight157445 subdance294 tail62443 tail wrap7562 teasing4530 the ass was fat18112 tongue out126498 tongue piercing1245 underass2987 vagina52970 vaginal insertion7426 vulva157813 waist tail84 wall of tags5255 wavy mouth4690 wide eyes18679 wink29209 zebra supremacy775 zebradom1663


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The flat-chested but exceptionally big-butted, mischievously smirking Zebress in the middle is my favorite. She looks like she’s more than ready and willing to start enticing Equestrian stallions and using their pure Equestrian bloodline’s genes as fodder for her stronger womb to make light-striped Zebrican foals with “good manes” ;)

not necessarily, if an African moved to America and became a citizen they are now an African American(don’t quote me) and zecora moved to equestria and would be currently an equestrian citizen, it would be in terms for zecora, equestria’s equivalent to an African American.
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Young Leosword
Also, Zecora would be African African. African Americans are born and rasied in America. On the playground is she spent most of her days. :3
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I think thats how they’ll play it in the show. All yaks were jerks, all griffons were greedy, all zebras would have a way of speaking poetic-but-broken.

with them being portrayed as the African American equivalent for equestria, it’s not very surprising. Which reminds me we Totally need another zebra to pop up in the show, to answer the rhyming thing. Them all rhyming is just headcanon because zecora does it and is sole example to base off of.