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suggestive145369 artist:bronypanda210 fluttershy214740 posey shy1312 rainbow dash236074 anthro264313 plantigrade anthro33448 flutter brutter1127 barefoot27962 big breasts83653 bracelet9659 breasts282980 busty posey shy455 cleavage35081 feet40627 female1380225 foot fetish7905 foot massage100 glasses63023 hand8878 jewelry65582 lesbian98029 lip bite11799 milf9742 offscreen character34889 rubbing1147 scene interpretation8714 soles4348 toes6433


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Background Pony #66F1
@Background Pony #0460
I bet she wouldn't mind if you asked nicely. Most women I know love when they're getting a feet massage. My Mom sometimes asked me if I can rubbed her feet after a day of work. I sit down either by the couch or on her bed and have her bare feet plopped down onto my lap. There are sometimes moments where I offer her a foot massage to relived her from being stress. It's somewhat satisfying after massaging my Mom's feet.
Background Pony #C306
If she wasn't married, my tongue would be all over her feet. Mr.Shy, you are one lucky bastard.
Background Pony #BC5F
Fluttershy: Mom you've been working around the house all day your feet must be tired.
Rainbow Dash: Ya Mrs. Shy why don't you let Fluttershy and I rub your feet.
Mrs. Shy: (blushing) oh girls, I appreciate the offer but you don't have to.
Fluttershy: It's alright mom really.
Rainbow Dash: Ya really let us.
(Rainbow and Shy grab Mrs. Shy's foot and start massaging her foot)
Mrs. Shy: (blushing deeper) Oh my!….. Ooh. It's been a while since my feet have been pampered
Background Pony #BC5F
This reminds me of this one time where i was at this 4th of July party and before the fireworks one of my friends mother was sitting kinda next to me and took her flip flops off, really nice feet. Would've loved to grab them similar to the picture but that would've caused some tension