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safe2174084 artist:doublewbrothers692 edit172965 applejack200445 fluttershy258577 pinkie pie255825 rainbow dash279873 rarity217517 twilight sparkle357696 fanfic:cupcakes2339 g42028772 creepy5867 creepy ponies85 creepy smile924 cupcake6954 food101277 glare9054 grin62972 insanity3352 looking at you259243 mane six37603 ms paint7174 open mouth237480 pinkamena diane pie22473 raised eyebrow9903 rope15920 smiling397343 smirk18155 snapplejack66 this will end in death3677 this will end in pain2635 tongue out147131 wide eyes19869


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Background Pony #8085
They’re not coming for me today ‘sends a shock wave and they get launched’ Don’t mess with me. ‘Dissappears’
Background Pony #ADBD
This reminds me of a selfie I once took. I got the lighting set up just right to where my eyes were very dark. Only my hair, nose, and mouth could be seen. I also had a creepy smile much like Twilight has. Those that saw it agreed I looked creepy as hell in it.