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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: Old Master Q Comics Modern Press 36, pg 83-84
full I’m telling you, Dagi! I think we still have a bit of inner magic to finally transform into sirens!! We just have to channel our inner true being, like one of those Gem girls fromSteven Universe”!!
full UUUGGHHHH, for the last time, I am NOT a mermaid in disguise!! That catfish was coming onto me and I think I still have some leftover slime from him!!
full Oh, Aria! You don’t have to hide your body from me!!
full HEY!! Maybe if I jumped into the water with the fishies, I can ALSO morph into my mermaid form!! We don’t need those necklaces to take over the world! We just need to channel the powers of the underwater world of fishies!!
full If you really love to swim with the fishies, Sonata, why don’t you go sleep with them??!
full HMMPPH! Maybe I WILL!!
full If you two don’t move out of the sunlight within 2 seconds, you’re BOTH sleeping with the fishes…and I mean that PERMANENTLY, Sonata!!
full Wait, are you saying you’ve got us invitations to an epic underwater sleepover for us??!!
full Then that means you’ve ALSO turned into a mermaid too!! And gained the power to communicate with the fishies too! I wonder what kind of mermaid powers I have hidden in my stomach!
full…..On second thought, I think I’ll take up on with your punishment, Adagio…
Predator fish: Monster red tail catfish  
Bikini designs for Aria and Sonata by ELJOEYDESIGNS
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suggestive159885 artist:meiyeezhu332 aria blaze10607 sonata dusk14533 catfish29 fish3000 mermaid2327 equestria girls222467 rainbow rocks18987 anime6173 armpits44360 bandeau1003 beach17463 belly button88841 big breasts96107 bikini20704 blushing221914 bra17883 breasts315593 bubble6263 busty aria blaze1230 busty sonata dusk1975 chibi15772 cleavage38353 clothes519108 comic117699 diving347 escape180 female1501925 funny4525 hilarious129 humanized105702 leaping306 maiden fish8 midriff20658 monster2485 ocean8196 old master q505 panic1003 parody16208 pigtails5270 ponytail20923 question mark5191 running6595 shocked8055 sideboob11810 struggling1239 summer1580 surprised10401 swimming2705 swimsuit32260 twintails1901 underwater6669 water16217


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Sonata, Aria’s legs are too thin to great that much of a girth around her “mermaid tail”; of course she didn’t went into an innate siren transformation!
full Yeah, exac—HEY!!!