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Emerald asks if there is a bath or something nearby he can use.

"Maybe? I don't know. Want some of my perfume? It'll make you smell nice and girly." Joyride says with a a grin.

Emerald rolls his eyes and asks what she is going to do with Pip if there are Order of the Arrow people here.

"Not reveal her of course. We won't be here very long so it should be fine. Maybe a day. Day and a half at most." Joyride says with a shrug.

Emerald mentions that he is worried what Hope will say when she sees him. He was supposed to be safe in Whitherwater.

"What, you are worrying about that now? It'll be fine. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you. Maybe. I dunno." Joyride says, shrugging again.

Emerald frowns slightly, but then says at least he'll be able to introduce her to Ruby!

"What, gonna try to get a threesome going?" Joyride says with her grin.

"Did someone say my name?" Ruby says, walking towards the pair. Emerald quickly dismisses it and asks what she thinks of the situation.

"Glad I'm not as bad off as some of these people. Did you see that zebra over there? Dragged her daughter from some place I don't know all the way here. Got both her legs blown off apparently…" Ruby says seriously and pointing.

Emerald nods gravely, doing his best not to look where the filly is indicating. Though they got to the gate of the camp near mid-day it takes them a few hours to get through the lines and security checks. There are a ton of people here. Ruby comments about it and Joyride says,

"Well, they just set up shop recently right? Ponycare has a pretty good reputation as a neutral charity group. They are the feeders of the hungry! The healers without borders! Etc. etc..


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