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safe1656702 artist:br0ny34 princess celestia93026 alicorn214824 pony921023 backlighting915 beautiful5348 cloud29361 cloudy6031 columbia pictures6 crepuscular rays2629 featured image845 female1319915 halo1600 lidded eyes29320 majestic663 mare457430 parody15481 photoshop3705 praise the sun2007 rearing5487 smiling234630 solo1032010 spread wings51899 sun6403 tristar14 wallpaper18341


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Question stuff and enjoy
I just now finally seriously looked at more of the artist's work. If anyone knows, pardon my ignorance, is there any info why artist hasn't been (apparently) active for a couple years?
Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Artist -

Christ's God: YHWH

True story: I dreamed Princess Celestia fell from a Pony town above clouds, into clouds and gave birth to Jesus Christ. Well, it may mean that Ponies literally were an opener for me to Jesus Christ in the first place so it works for me.

After she fell, Jesus was "Stuck in another world" though Celestia returned to the Ponies.
Background Pony #A2F7
Imagine if TriStar did the MLP movie and opened it with Celestia instead of the standard pegasus.