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Rarity tries out her new teleportation spell but it goes wrong and her clothes walk away on their own
suggestive143279 artist:creatorofpony873 artist:shiningarmorboy0134 rarity182110 equestria girls200855 3d76476 barefoot27617 blender6624 boots22082 bracelet9454 clothes460620 covering3946 embarrassed11410 embarrassed nude exposure2295 feet40001 female1365722 jewelry63986 living clothes117 naked rarity213 nudity370696 shoes36843 skirt39849 solo1066137 solo female180060 spell gone wrong333


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Yes, that's the only time you'll see clothes being in between breasts, when it's made out of a hard material. Clothes otherwise takes the shortest route and bridge the gap over. Yet I see people still draw/model with the clothes sticking to the body like it's painted on.
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Rarity's outfit, wanting nothing to do with its former owner/tormentor, quickly went on to leave her establishment, causing a rather large uproar as the floating fabric was spotted walking through the nearby streets. It would be openly discussed on that night's news, but would soon be dropped in favour of yet another surprise wardrobe malfunction story. Those types of events seemed to plague this city nowadays.

Not wanting to stay naked and risk being caught by someone, the pale teenager quickly finds her way to her wardrobe, slipping on an outfit that she had already coordinated earlier. She kept a number of these on hand, in case of fashion emergencies. That term had never been used so literally, she was sure of it.

It was when she was inspecting herself in the mirror that Rarity saw it. She was just adjusting the waistband of the skirt, when suddenly the fabric began to twist and turn of its own accord.

Moments later and she was on the floor, having been twisted and tossed in every direction possible. Her head still swimming, the fashionista is just lucid enough to realize that she's naked. She shakes her head in an attempt to clear it, and glances at the door just in time to spot her new outfit departing in much the same way as her old one, this time leaving a message in lipstick on the mirror. It was upside down from where she was, but she could still make out the words.

DON'T TRY THAT AGAIN it read, in thick, red lines.

Rarity frowned. It was going to take ages to get those smears off of her favourite mirror.

Oh, and apparently her clothing was rebelling. She supposed this was a good time to scream.
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Pronounced "driven"
The principle of generating small amounts of finite improbability by simply hooking the logic circuits of a Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain to an atomic vector plotter suspended in a strong Brownian Motion producer (say a nice hot cup of tea) were of course well understood — and such generators were often used to break the ice at parties by making all the molecules in the hostess's undergarments leap simultaneously one foot to the left, in accordance with the theory of indeterminacy.