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Goto fimfiction. Look up The Adorable/Awesome Video Game Colt by Matthais Unidostres

The camera turned on, revealing Button Mash standing right in front of it. He backed away, making sure the camera was straight. He smiled, then he walked to the left.

"Alright, Sweetie Belle! Sing the song!" he shouted.

Sweetie Belle peeked into the camera’s line of sight, then gasped and backed off quickly.

"NO! I can’t do it!"

"Aw, come on, don’t be shy!"

"I can’t! I just can’t!"

"sigh Okay, how about this. You sing off camera, and just peek in from time to time. Okay?"

"O. . .kay."

"Good. Cue music!"

There was the sound of a cassette player being turned on, and guitar music started to play.

Button Mash jumped in front of the camera and hit buttons on the NES controller as Sweetie Belle sang.

He’s gonna play some video games
He’s gonna play them all night an day

Sweetie Belle stepped out behind Button and sang a bit.

He’s chocolate brown,
He’s eight years old,
He’s got a brother, a mom, and a dad.

Sweetie Belle jumped away quickly, and the camera changed to a shot of Button’s mother snatching a hoof-held out of Button’s hooves, much to Button’s dismay.

The camera changed back to Sweetie Belle singing while half hiding behind Button.

His hair’s light brown,
He drinks from boxes,

The camera changed again to Button drinking from a juice box, but then doing a spit-take at the game screen.

And his model trains burst into flames.

Button stared at his parents’ old video game machine in confusion.
It switched back to Sweetie Belle and Button.

He’s the adorablest gamer in the world
He’s the adorable Nintendo colt

Button threw his controller down angrily and jumped up and down on it.

He’s the adorable Atari/SEGA colt
He’s The Adorable Video Game Colt
Sweetie Belle finished singing and quickly ran off screen.
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Happy Derpy!
Bronze Bit

Actually that kinda fits….

I can see button mash being a filly version of angry video game nerd.

Someone needs to make button mash as an adult with AVGN attire.
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