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"Oh my! This place is still a mess!"

"T-Trixie… I missed you!"

Requested by:

Trixie hasn't returned to the rock farm in many moons and Limestone herself was so "happy mad" to see her.
Perhaps Trixie is looking for more work on the farm? x3

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work… please feel free to check my profile.
safe1676324 artist:shutterflyeqd814 limestone pie4890 trixie66347 earth pony237789 pony938961 unicorn311076 blushing192602 crack shipping3596 eyes closed90076 female1336216 kissing24144 lesbian94975 mare466293 raised leg7519 rock farm524 shipping196257 trixstone19 wide eyes16814


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Trixie: "D-Did Trixie give you permission to kiss her?!"

Lime: "Did you think I needed it?!"

Maud: "… I think I am okay with this."

Marble: "I-I can use this in my novel… pant, pant "

……..You know what? I actually like this one. It makes much more sense then Trixie/Maud and this seems like it would be both hilarious and adorable to watch. Kudos artist. {I still ship Trixie with Cheese Sandwich though, but this is a close second.}
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What do you mean, "crack shipping"? Trixie worked on the rock farm. That practically makes this ship canon!

DISCLAIMER: May not actually make this ship canon
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Hey, if we're escalating I personally see no reason to stop at five. It seems cruel to just leave Igneous out if everyone else get's to be a part o' the party.

& if we're escalating even further than that might as well invite the whole Apple family while we're at it.

Honestly, I wouldn't have this stop until all of Equestria at least gets in on this at this point.
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Sure. I admit it. I love seeing Trixie with any/all the Pie Sisters. I'm not ashamed to say it. And I'm only doing it in the name of fun. None of the ships will be true, and I'm okay with it and I'm not okay with it ding.