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I saw someone uploaded some frames of this comic as independent images, and thought I’d upload them in better resolution as well.
questionable106966 artist:toonbat275 edit121795 fizzle595 garble1658 princess ember5896 prominence217 rarity172566 spike75150 dragon49897 abuse of power67 ass up1724 blushing180117 bondage31039 clothes420106 cosplay26900 costume25297 crying40574 cuckquean281 cute183807 do her8 dragon lord ember991 embarrassed10419 emberbetes225 emberspike531 face down ass up7406 female1273961 floppy ears47192 forced shipping42 frown21679 funny porn1061 garbizzle71 gay25262 gay in front of girls420 gradient background11096 green background1964 insanity2498 kneeling7705 looking back50998 male338880 obsession157 open mouth127673 perverse sexual lust13 roleplay172 roleplaying507 shipper on deck1382 simple background354958 sitting56665 sparity6322 spread wings49038 straight126303 sweat23810 tail holder446 unamused14376 voyeur434 voyeurism2072 wavy mouth3306 wide eyes16230


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It didn't take long for Ember's reign to become debeuched and cruel. Forcing her subjects to play out her sexual fantasies for entertainment and asserting her dominance. Thus began the wicked reign of Dragon Lord Ember the Mad.

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I've been trying to draw more Equestrian fauna since Gauntlet of Fire premiered, but nothing I've done looks acceptable to me.

Even then, I still lack a scanner or tablet so it's all pencil sketches in notebooks like my Jurassic Park art.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

Which means that Prominence and Fizzle are forced to feel things they’ve never felt before

Heh. Fizzle's about to feel something else he's never felt before~.
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They are, but I have my doubts that Prominence is watching with with the roleplay in mind. I think the only one whose taking the roleplay into the account is Ember. And maybe Fizzle.