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safe1656713 artist:br0ny34 derpy hooves49354 dinky hooves4321 pegasus272584 pony921032 unicorn303083 bobblehead50 car5882 colin mcrae dirt3 crossover60489 dc shoes4 derpy driving10 dirt739 driving741 equestria's worst mother31 feather5616 featured image845 female1319924 filly63806 foal endangerment1 food67066 ken block3 mare457434 monster energy117 muffin6322 open mouth136919 parody15481 photoshop3705 scared10070 screaming3220 smiling234632 subaru71 subaru impreza54 this will end in tears3263 video game4746 wallpaper18341 wide eyes16632


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Background Pony #F980
Still appropriate. We love you, Derpy (uh, Ken Block), but you really have issues keeping your car right side up in WRC.
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@Clover the Clever
If it was up to me I'd vote for featuring older images only. :p
There are pics from the very early DB days with only have 10-20 upvotes that would probably receive 100-200+ would they get uploaded today.

* Colin McRae goes flying off a switchback *

I just don't know what went wrong!

@Jim Prower
Derpkhana 1: Ponyville
Derpkhana 2: Manehattan
Derpkhana 3: Canterlot
Derpkhana 4: some sh*t they slap together because it's a big advertisement for NFS