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safe1557210 artist:andypriceart2939 artist:the-paper-pony299 idw14145 33 1-3 lp29 8-bit (character)74 buck withers65 diamond rose87 dj pon-327926 gaffer84 gizmo174 lemony gem156 long play66 observer (character)74 princess cadance30139 shining armor21560 sweetcream scoops149 vinyl scratch32022 alicorn191386 earth pony191504 pegasus233083 pony828371 unicorn258459 neigh anything89 spoiler:comic10029 spoiler:comic1192 80s1018 adam ant8 andy you magnificent bastard264 background pony8932 boy george10 cowbell941 cutiespark139 danny elfman6 devo27 dj-pon35 drum kit211 drums874 energy dome18 female881442 ferris bueller's day off26 filly58462 filly vinyl scratch14 frankie goes to hollywood13 keytar306 little girls10 lyrics973 male299687 musical instrument6798 new wave11 observer327 official6959 oingo boingo16 revenge of the nerds12 song reference3022 spread wings46883 stallion90605 teary eyes3146 text49943 the mystic knights of the electric stable9 unnamed character107 unnamed pony1623 wings72383 younger15483


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