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source description:

Babs Seed met Button Mash during one of her trips to Ponyville. They hit it off but she had to return to Manehattan for school. She spent her time learning her craft, and opened her own shop with some money from her family. The salon and tattoo parlor became a fairly popular venue and her customer base grew quite wide. She even got her own tattoos from her best tattoo artist. She makes regular visits to Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres, and helps at Camp Crusader and runs a secondary group of Crusaders in Manehattan. During one of her regular tips she ran into Button Mash again, and he told her he’d been thinking of moving to Manehattan to start his own gaming company. She offered him a room in her apartment, he moved in and eventually they started dating. Not long after they married, and had their daughter, Digital Design. Button Mash and her got a matching tattoo in the place of their ancestor’s heart mark, a small heart that once adorned the back hoof of earlier ponies. Button’s gaming company took off rather quickly, and the couple skyrocketed to a rather nice mansion on the edge of the city.

Digital Design:
Personality: Geeky and nerdy as her dad, tough as her mom and a bit spoiled.
Cutie Mark: Three pixelized buttons
Occupation: Elementary school student, game designing prodigy.

Babs Seed and Button Mash belong to Hasbro
Digital Design belongs to me
safe1657081 artist:magicandmysterygal80 babs seed5687 button mash3955 oc654237 oc only432413 oc:digital design2 beanie3492 beard3462 buttonseed48 choker11119 clothes441856 ear piercing24541 earring19899 eyebrow piercing813 eyeshadow14700 facial hair5539 family4307 female1320311 freckles27315 hair over one eye8675 hat83124 hoodie13293 jewelry58747 makeup20177 male356734 nose piercing2579 nose ring2056 offspring36867 older25402 parent:babs seed103 parent:button mash297 parents:buttonseed5 piercing38816 shipping193825 spiked choker1465 straight131653 sweater14047 tattoo5188


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