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suggestive159624 artist:ryuu171 applejack180857 rainbow dash249317 equestria girls222273 appledash6900 assisted exposure1908 blushing221680 breasts315267 clothes518509 comic117613 cowboy hat19729 cross-popping veins1980 crying47495 denim skirt1958 female1500330 females only14182 hat99392 lesbian103748 open mouth175860 regret298 shipping218177 shocked8036 skirt44709 skirt flip221 skirt lift4989 stetson5235 this will end in pain2188


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Sugar Mint

If she was gonna wear a skirt, should wear shorts or pantyhose under it. xD But since she didn’t, this is how i picture this scene played out.
RD: “Apppppllle..Jaaack!”  
AJ: “You saw nothin sugarcube! Ya understand!” Had lost a bet to Rarity and so had to wear some designer silk-lace (or latex) panties.

To be honest, I could see this same exact situation also happening with Tomo and Yomi from Azumanga Daioh, with Tomo in RD’s role and Yomi in AJ’s situation.