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semi-grimdark30957 suggestive151603 artist:thedrunkcoyote348 oc732137 oc:amber steel219 oc:mrs. shoutfire1 dragon60475 anthro276254 anthro oc31405 bandage5976 big breasts88976 blood25861 boobhat289 breasts296845 crossover64570 dragoness9276 female1433961 injured3448 spyro the dragon (series)608


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Background Pony #0B08
@Background Pony #6F7F  
Alright then. It’s a little irritating when people say “you know what” but you don’t know what and they won’t tell you what when you ask what what is.  
But personally, while I’d rather know what than not, I don’t think knowing what is important enough to try to make someone say what when they’d rather not.