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safe1658970 artist:chub-wub329 applejack165936 rarity177561 absurd resolution65169 applelusive (straight)19 blushing189780 elusive1181 female1321865 glowing horn18746 half r63 shipping1917 male357336 mug4045 rarijack6886 rule 6326058 shipping194077 straight131899 sweatdrop3021 teacup2804


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"L-l-look E-elusive… W-w-w-we gotta… Gotta talk 'bout l-last night. Y'see, th' Apple f-fam-family… W-we got a code y'see? About… About…"

"Jackie dear, if you're afraid about me loving and leaving you, you needn't worry. As a gentlestallion, it behooves me to conduct myself in a certain way in regards to the fairer sex. Put simply…" pulls out a ring… or whatever works for Earth Ponies "I had made my choice weeks ago. If you'll have me…"