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So. Buckled down and forced myself how to use that blend tool on the app (not the simplest thing in the world), but it REALLY paid off.
Couldn’t think of any good clopfic for this one, so have some beautiful fap fodder, okay?~♡

If you think there’s ways I can improve, or if you just give it a thumbs down, please tell me why so I can get an Idea of where to improve, since in NO WAY do I think I’m the best artist out there. Thank you in advance, sweeties~♡

More speech bubbles: >>1184684
explicit351075 alternate version45667 artist:icarys68 oc686298 oc only449692 oc:icarys68 changeling47773 bedroom eyes59490 creepy alien facehugger dick253 drawn on phone477 glowing eyes11167 glowing genitals549 glowing penis166 green changeling992 it ain't gonna suck itself318 looking at you169121 male373653 nudity370689 on back24419 ovipositor671 penis153755 presenting24112 presenting penis200 smiling249285 solo1066072 solo male26368 transparent flesh502


not provided yet


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Background Pony #E355
That's a very interesting flower you've got th-

…that's not a flower, is it?