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Aww~♡ ty!

Since I didn't plan on it, and didn't have the piece on another layer, probably not. Sorry.
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How do I do that? :o
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Aw fuck! Totally forgot!
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<3 You've improved so much, this really is a masterpiece.

Wait. This needs drool on the dick flaps! Like there was on the first sketch D:

I think the coloring, lighting, and shading for the stomach and ovipositor are excellent. The rest of the drawing is also well done like the chest plate thing (I can't remember what they are called.) and the seductive yet dominate glimmer in his eye.

Probably one of your best works yet.

Will there still be a full nude edit?
Background Pony #DE5F
Are you going to merge the WIP versions forward?

lovely , could we have one without speech bubble , pretty please ? :)
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Come to think of it, that thing could probably suck somepony else
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It sure looks like it could.
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