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So. Buckled down and forced myself how to use that blend tool on the app (not the simplest thing in the world), but it REALLY paid off.
Couldn't think of any good clopfic for this one, so have some beautiful fap fodder, okay?~♡

If you think there's ways I can improve, or if you just give it a thumbs down, please tell me why so I can get an Idea of where to improve, since in NO WAY do I think I'm the best artist out there. Thank you in advance, sweeties~♡

Less speech bubbles >>1184759
explicit344230 artist:icarys67 oc668463 oc only439789 oc:icarys68 changeling46188 changeling king336 creepy alien facehugger dick241 dialogue64016 drawn on phone470 glowing genitals527 glowing penis164 green changeling949 it ain't gonna suck itself310 looking at you163878 male364095 nudity362620 on back23978 open dick1 open mouth140746 ovipositor660 penis150248 presenting penis180 smiling241335 solo1046503 solo male25841 transparent flesh499


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Whenever I see that line my immediate response is to wonder "But what if it COULD?"
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The downside is that people who have the older versions watched or favorited don't automatically see the new ones.
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These two guides can be very useful when it comes to shading. The shadow placement isn't necessarily the problem, but rather the method used makes the shadows seem muddy in places. Also make sure you're shading by using a non-black color on a multiply layer. There's many ways to pick your shading color and the guides cover that a bit. The biggest thing is making the shadows look sharper, even if there is some softening at the edges.

Guide 1
Guide 2


Well when you report an image with a updated one. It will remove the old pic and description with the new one while merging the old comments with the new comments.