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Humanity's nature to fear and destroy itself in its eternal struggle for material wealth and supremacy would ensure that neither Equestria or the Crystal Empire would survive on Earth.

Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra would greatly approve.


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Background Pony #9D3C
let's see. Sucked dry of love for all eternity, enslaved and never see the light of day again, or be put in a crystal prison and enslaved for thousands of years. Take your pick.
Background Pony #FF30
I say Nightmare Moon is a middle ground villain in the show. She's a credible threat to Equestria (Possibly more than Sombra or Chrysalis if the fact that her timeline is worse than their timelines) but not as much Tirek or Pre-reform Discord.

@Background Pony #88A4
Honestly, I think that if Celestia was Tyrantlestia it would be an improvement. It would at least give Celestia some semblance of importance in the cartoon, even if it's because she's doing bad things. Not that I'd like it, but… You understand.

Yeah.. They pretty much killed Nightmare Moon as a villain.

My problem with Discord is that they didn't go far enough with him. He didn't seem to be causing any real problems with what we've seen. There was nothing that made the audience go "Ok, this needs to stop." Actually, it's like Nightmare Moon. She didn't seem to be doing anything really troubling since the plants looked just fine and ponies were ok with her as their ruler and didn't care that Celestia was stuck on the moon. It's like Celestia's fight against Nightmare Moon boiled down to preference and never really made any difference. This annoys me to no end. The same with Discord: it's not like Tirek that was actually destroying everything.
Background Pony #FEE2
The show has almost completely watered down and screwed up the Nightmare Moon backstory by now; Tyrantlestia is borderline canon at this point.

And Discord means fun at the expense of anyone who isn't Discord. Which doesn't seem to bother a large subset of bronies…

I guess the cartoon agrees with that, since it pretty much said that Nightmare Moon is a viable alternative to Celestia and Discord means fun.

Huh… I want to know what would Equestria look like under Sombra or Chrysalis… We didn't really see that. Man… This cartoon needs to do some thinking about its heroes and villains.
Background Pony #1768
If being chased by a mob of angry villagers armed to the teeth with torches and pitchforks is safe, I'd hate to see what dangerous looks like. Granted, the angry mob would run AWAY from these guys, but let's face it, being feared is among the worst things that can happen in this world. Granted, love CAN make you do terrible things, but it can also make you do great things.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

@Background Pony #154E
What I was implying was that there would be no shortage of rebellion and dissent. Even if Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, or Sombra have some voodoo magic to control the minds of the population, there would be no rest from open conflict with either insurrectionists or other countries.

The fear that one needs is respect.
Background Pony #BA6B
Since Hate is the antithesis of Love, it would be to Nightmare Moon and Sombra's benefit.
On the other hand, it would be just a minor obstacle to Chrysalis as she covertly drains Love.