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YouTube upload w/sound and music

Art by hobilo
safe (1304105)artist:hobilo (171)artist:swan song (22)applejack (136203)fluttershy (169866):< (809)animated (77357)apple (11415)bat pony (31250)chewing (437)comic (80310)cute (125063)earth pony (116407)eyes closed (59325)flapping (518)flutterbat (5734)food (43386)frown (17692)funny (2693)funny as hell (326)glare (7029)hello darkness my old friend (24)jackabetes (3074)japanese (6703)mouth hold (11861)munching (78)nom (2463)photoshop (2961)pony (578982)pulling (420)race swap (9586)silly (5563)silly pony (2403)simple background (256471)smiling (159891)spread wings (36112)sweat (17737)sweet dreams fuel (396)that pony sure does love apples (656)thousand yard stare (522)tug of war (90)white background (62443)who's a silly pony (545)wide eyes (12915)


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Background Pony #3D5F
You may be a vampire bat with telepathic control over animals, but applejack’s speciality is apples; YOU WILL NOT WIN WHEN APPLES ARE INVOLVED.
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Comments59 comments posted