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Vinyl's Bass Cannon vs. Princess Luna vs. Flutterrage vs. Gilda.

Who will win?
safe1677725 edit129515 edited screencap63373 screencap218514 dj pon-328991 fluttershy209708 gilda9478 princess luna98005 vinyl scratch28991 griffon26456 epic wub time39 griffon the brush off754 luna eclipsed1518 the best night ever1335 adventure in the comments1275 bass cannon240 flutterrage530 loud56 nightmare night4698 roar269 traditional royal canterlot voice327 yelling3023


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Background Pony #1BAE
Here are the five loudest things in the universe…
5. Pearl saying "BOOYAH"
4. Soap dispensers falling in the bath
3. The bass drop in Taylor Swift's "Ready For It?"
2. Me hyperventilating about my waifu
1. The whining of Gwen/Trent shippers