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safe1786090 artist:mister-saugrenu85 spike81613 starlight glimmer50587 trixie69646 dragon60509 pony1087571 unicorn357317 beach16460 beach chair567 beverage343 crossed hooves2074 cup6705 eating10184 female1434535 food75151 hanging out58 male399891 mare519177 open mouth161669 palm tree1686 popcorn1593 popcorn buddies5 relaxing1550 sand2608 shipping209606 sipping240 soda1655 sparlight625 sparlixie31 spike gets all the mares793 spixie250 straight143439 sunglasses15477 the amazing trio of friendship30 updated457


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Supposedly, Starlight already learned how to chillax from Trixie and Spike. In “Every Little Thing She Does,” she must’ve assumed it would mean something completely different with Rainbow Dash.
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but i think we won’t ever see sparlight now that Jim miller wants to stop doing it from being ask about it that cause him to quit twitter.
Background Pony #8FCC
Am amaze that the staff haven’t did a Wendy and Dipper shipsink to Spike and Rarity yet.
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And Sunburst is the one who keeps having to go and buy more popcorn and drinks.
I may ship Starlight and Sunburst together, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun at Sunburst’s expense. XD