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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: Old Master Q Comics Collection Series #7, pg 34-35
full Don’t you know how to properly respect the elderlies and betters, Zephyr?
full Hmmph, some people of the new young generation just don’t have high regards for the poor fragile senior beings these days
full especially for those who are several centuries old!
full Such a sad world we live in; so sad, that I would rather be turned back to stone than to endure the tormenting abuse
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semi-grimdark31923 artist:meiyeezhu332 discord33326 fluttershy227534 zephyr breeze2661 human180210 flutter brutter1159 abuse8402 angry30172 anime6164 apron4816 bag6142 beard4263 belt6883 bleeding745 blood26946 boots25893 brawl26 breasts315136 bruised1753 cake10741 chair7706 claw192 clothes518328 comic117575 confused5284 cottage162 crossed70 cucumber sandwiches39 delicious42 denied299 dessert430 disappointed561 dizzy829 eating10712 exclamation point4412 facial hair7101 faint424 fake1179 female1499839 fist560 fluttershy's cottage1666 food79728 frazzled125 happy35129 heart (organ)267 heart attack153 high heels13171 horns7494 humanized105656 humanized ponified human151 injured3588 kicking2284 liar59 locked out20 lying4060 male422344 man bun64 nauseous118 necktie8275 nervous6466 old master q505 pants17043 parody16194 ponyville6461 pretend52 punch1380 purse683 question mark5174 servant83 siblings12223 sinister161 sitting71859 skirt44690 smiling296626 smirk14500 socks75070 stockings38153 sweater16138 sweatershy3302 table10287 tail48656 teacakes32 teacup3213 teeth12114 thigh highs43199 traditional art125582 upset1295 vest4319 violence670 violent19 wall of tags4800 window10083 winged humanization9182 wings148450 yelling3491 zephabuse11 zettai ryouiki2033


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